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What type of a payday lender to choose: direct lender or mediator?

If you have faced a need to get money urgently, you will definitely have a problem of choice: payday loan direct lender or a mediator. In order to take a reasonable decision, which will be able to suit your needs best, you are recommended to find out more about the principle of work of both lenders. Being able to differentiate among direct lenders and mediators, you will be able to decide what kind of service to choose, taking into account your current financial situation.

It is well-known that whatever you choose, you will face both pros and cons. The mentioned lenders have the main common thing providing customers with the necessary amount of money much faster than the traditional banks do. Despite having some common features, both types of lenders use different methods in order to provide you with an opportunity to solve your financial problems with the help of the short-term loans offered online.

What should you know about 2 types of payday loan lenders?

Before taking a decision to apply for the payday loan, you should learn more about the main differences, which direct lenders and mediators have. The most important difference between the mentioned types of lenders is that borrowing money from the mediator, you don’t contact the direct lender as the whole process is through the agent. The mediator lender has its own network of lenders who are eager to offer you the service you need. So the mediator company plays the role of the intermediary as the main function this type of the lender performs is the search for the most suitable lender for the customer, taking into account all needs and wishes of the borrower.

If you consider both types of lenders, you will be able to notice that both may have benefits as well as certain drawbacks. That’s why you should decide what kind of lending service to use when you need an extra source of money as quickly as possible.

If you choose a mediator, you are going to be offered:

  • An opportunity to choose among a lot of trustworthy payday loan lenders;
  • 100% Guaranteed approval within several minutes;
  • Only best deals tailored to your personal needs and current financial situation;
  • Risk-free money transfer;
  • No credit check as any kind of credit score is fine.

What is the main reason people choose direct lenders?

Nowadays it is a common situation when you realize that you need extra money to improve your financial situation till you are paid. When you face an emergency you have to find the lender, you face the dilemma whom to ask for help. Many people believe that borrowing from the direct lender is much safer than from the mediator or the broker. However, they are definitely mistaken as the lenders who the mediator cooperates with are all legitimate.

The main principle of the mediator is to work according to the rules and regulations. Borrowing from the mediator is as safe as from the direct lender. If you consider the mediator as the third party, you are wrong as all your personal information is 100% protected.

There is nothing to worry about when you choose a mediator as well as the direct lender. Both have the main priority to take care of the customer’s details and not share them with anybody else as it is forbidden by the law.

Choosing the direct lender, you are going to get:

  • Fast application process where your details processing takes minutes;
  • Getting money directly into your bank account;
  • Minimum requirements to be eligible for the payday loan online;
  • From $100 to $1000 for any purposes you have;
  • Bad credit and no credit rating approval.

Top-3 Myth about mediators

If you have never used the services of the mediators, you may believe some myths, which exist about this kind of lending services that are definitely mistaken.

You are offered to check out the main three myths about the mediator’s service in order to take the right decision when you face a need to get money urgently.

Myth number 1: There is a risk to be cheated

There is a certain number of borrowers who avoid using the services of mediators because they mistakenly think that borrowing money from the direct lender is several times safer. However, it is not so. When you get money from the direct lender you may face even higher risk as it is your task to define if the lender is trustworthy. If you are looking for the payday loan lender for the first time, it may be not an easy task. That’s why it is even safer to get a helping hand from the mediator service, where you will be offered the best deal from the legitimate lenders.

Myth number 2: You will have to pay much more for the mediator’s services

There is some point in this statement as you really have to pay more for the service you get from the intermediary company compared to the direct lender’s service. However, fees aren’t as high as you may think. They are just normal fees you should pay for the work done for you. Top-notch quality service allowing you to save much time and get money from the trustworthy lenders is worth paying a bit more. No need to look for the lender on your own and spend time, energy and even nerves as everything is done instead of you when you choose the mediator company offering you all necessary services, which can make your life easier.

Myth number 3: You risk face unfair actions

No need to worry about any fraudsters when you apply for a payday loan via the mediator. According to the law, only legitimate lenders are going to provide you with the payday advance you want to get.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing a mediator as your payday loan lender

As any thing has its pros and cons, lending services provided by the broker or the mediator, include some benefits and drawbacks. That’s why it is better to consider all points before you decide which lender to give preference to. Here you are welcome to check out both advantages and disadvantages you are going to face in case you request the mediator’s financial help.

Advantages of using the mediators’ services:

  • An opportunity to save much time and energy as you don’t have to look for the payday loan lender by yourself;
  • 100% guarantee that your personal information is protected;
  • A chance to get the necessary amount of money within 1 business day, which is the fastest way to deal with any kind of financial problems you have faced;
  • No need to explain the reasons why you have the damaged score as all borrowers have equal rights. Any kind of credit rating can’t prevent you from getting a payday loan online.
  • Fast and simple application process, which will take you several minutes only.
  • Getting money from the comfort of your home as the loan is going to be deposited directly into your bank account.

Disadvantages of choosing a mediator:

  • There is no personal contact with the direct payday loan lender;
  • A bit more expensive lending services as the work of the mediator includes the function to find the best deal for your current needs;
  • The necessity to spend some time contacting the mediator first when you have any kind of issue and only after you will be able to contact the direct lender.

Things to take into account when you are going to apply for a payday loan

Either a direct lender or a mediator you are going to choose, you should keep in mind several things, which are common for the process of getting the short-term loan online. First of all, you should consider your current financial situation and apply for the loan only if you have a steady source of income to avoid any kind of rollovers. It is recommended to check out all points in the loan agreement carefully before you sign it. Don’t forget to check out the loan laws and regulations as some states may have the loan amount restrictions.