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Using our service you can be sure that you will be credited by the direct lender only. Any intermediaries are not allowed.


You will receive your cash almost immediately (Within one business day). No or minimum paperwork, bad credit is welcomed. Just fill out the form properly and press start-button.

UP to 1000$ CASH

Get funds deposited directly into your bank account and spend them how you want.

Terms and Conditions

Please, be careful reading the Terms and Conditions of till the end. In case you agree with what we provide you with, we will be glad to continue our cooperation. If you disagree with our policy, then you are recommended to leave the website.

Who can be eligible for our payday loans?

The direct lenders we work with offer instant cash only if:

  • You are a resident of a citizen of the USA.
  • You are 18 years old.

What should you know about

Being a mediator company we don’t offer you any financial assistance directly. Our task is to accept your application with the aim to find the best match for you among our broad network of direct lenders taking into account their requirements and your particular situation.

How do we find the lender for you?

After getting your personal information the next step is to find the best interest rates and terms for our customers. In order to do this, we send your details to those lenders who can qualify for the loan. Finally, the lender who will agree to provide you with the payday loan should send us a confirmation of the transaction.

Which personal information do we need?

We collect our customers’ data with the only aim to provide them with the loans they need. According to the requirements of lenders, all borrowers should give the following information:

  • Passport ID.
  • Contact information (telephone number, e-mail).
  • Security Number.
  • Employment proof.
  • Documents proving US citizenship or residence.
  • Banking account details.

How do we collect your personal data?

You shouldn’t worry about the safety of your personal information as we don’t store it on our website. After collecting basic details which are necessary for the successful interaction with the lenders, we send your information only to the potential ones whose terms and requirements suit you best. We don’t transfer your information to any third-parties who can’t be considered to be your payday loan lender.

How do we use your details?

Feel safe entrusting us with your personal information as we never provide an access to your details to anybody else except those lenders who present direct payday services and match your requirements concerning the interest rates. Nobody else will be able to get your data. As for the contact information our customers provide us with, we may use it with the only aim to promote our services and to let you know which special offers we have for you at the moment.

Can any third parties be involved in the process?

As you could read above, you shouldn’t have doubts concerning the chance of disclosure of information you entrust our company with. We ask you to send us an application form filling in the basic information which is necessary for finding the best lender according to your requirements.

How do we process your application?

The most number of our customers find their direct lenders within a short period of time. We value time of our clients, that’s why we process your information during minutes and provide you with the positive answer. The only case when we may say “No” is when you aren’t able to meet the basic requirements.