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Using our service you can be sure that you will be credited by the direct lender only. Any intermediaries are not allowed.

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You will receive your cash almost immediately. No paperwork, no bad credit checks required. Just fill out the form properly and press apply.

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UP to 1000$ CASH

Get funds deposited directly into your bank account and spend them how you want.


Our clients say:

  • “I have faced a difficult situation and the only way out was to take a payday loan. I haven’t applied for any credits before that’s why I was really surprised that this process can be hassle free! I spent about 5 minutes filling in an application form provided by and got my money within 24 hours as it was promised. I will always use the services of this company in case of the necessity to solve financial problems really quickly.”

    Ann B.

  • “As I have bad credit history I can’t take a loan from the traditional bank. That’s why I was recommended to get payday advance via as they provide high-quality service within really short –period of time. I am glad that now I know whom to turn to in case of facing some unexpected financial problems”

    Mark K.

  • “I have received my payday loan to cover unplanned expenditures but unfortunately found it impossible to repay the loan on the due date. Being puzzled, I took a decision to contact my payday lender and was offered to use an option of roll-over or extension with additional fee. It is good that the lender has met me half-way. I will try to be more careful with the repayment terms in the future.”


  • “My daughter has fallen ill and I needed to pay medical bills urgently. However, I had to wait till my paycheck during two weeks more. I am really thankful for such fast service of as they provided me with the necessary amount of money the same day!”

    Helen M.

  • “I don’t know the better way to get a helping hand as quickly as possible than using the payday loans. I use them from time to time as I have a large family and sometimes my budget plan is ruined when something unplanned happens. In such situations I prefer turning to the company offering lending services than to borrow from friends. Being a loyal customer I can count on getting some benefits and special offers as I always repay money on time.”