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Privacy Policy

> provides U.S. citizens with the privacy policy which works on the basis of the US legislation and guarantees full confidentiality and complete safety of all personal information on the website where you have an opportunity to get acquainted with the current rules of data processing according to the existing policy.

  1. How do we protect your data?
    1. If you are our client, you have nothing to worry about as we have not only technical but also physical protection of your personal data. We appreciate our customers’ trust and take care of their information in the best possible way. We never transmit your details to the third parties.
    2. After entrusting us with your data, you may feel free from worries as we use the method of SSL encoding which gives you the 100% guarantee that your data is safe with us. We work with responsible lenders only who get our potential customers’ information to use with the only aim of providing you with the necessary borrowing.
    3. Our customer is the only person who is aware of such personal details as login and password. We accord special priority to your confidentiality and data safety. If you entrust us with your information, we will never give an access to it to anybody else.
  2. How do we collect your information?
    1. With the aim to present our customers the best quality service, we use cookies that help clients to communicate with us through the website. Thanks to the properties of cookies to store information, we can know more about our client’s preferences being able to offer you what you are interested in. This function is very convenient as it saves time of our customers who don’t know what to choose among the great variety of options available.
    2. What information should our potential clients provide us with:
      • Passport details.
      • Social Security Number.
      • Personal contact information.
      • Banking account details.
      • Information concerning the source of income.
    3. You are allowed to apply for our financial help in case you are not younger than 18. If a borrower isn’t able to prove his\her age with the help of the official document, he\she can’t count on getting our services.
    4. You are allowed to use our services meeting the requirement of being a resident or a citizen of the USA.
  3. What do we need your personal information for?
    1. In order you understand why we ask you to provide us with your details, we would like to explain what is the main aim of collecting our customers’ details. The answer is simple: data collection is the only efficient way to find out who can become the best lender for you. Taking into account your particular situation, we will find the most appropriate terms and interest rates. And remember: we never transfer your information to anyone who can’t be your potential lender.
    2. We provide some promotion of our services with a possibility to use our client’s data for newsfeeds via e-mail.
    3. If you have any trouble associated with the service provided, our legislation will be used for finding an appropriate solution.
  4. How do we transfer your personal data?
    1. cooperates with the direct lenders who get your personal information from us with the only aim- to help you in getting your loan.
  5. When can our policy be changed?
    1. is entitled to change both Terms and Conditions of our Privacy Policy without letting our customers know about it. According to our legislation, we may introduce changes any time we think they are necessary.

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