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Instalment Loans as a Solution to Financial Difficulties

Whether you have medical bills, car troubles, home repairs, or tax return delays, you will probably need some financial support. You can borrow some money from a private funding company. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay everything back at once. With an online installment loan, you will have to make several fixed payments in a particular period of time.

At HartLoan, they offer convenient terms and conditions. They are happy to approve a small loan of up to $5,000 even if your credit past looks a bit shady. They seem to give a chance to everyone. So, you can send your request whenever you feel like it.

General Understanding of Installment Loans

An installment loan online allows you to split the repayment plan into several parts over several months. It provides customers with a high level of flexibility. This type of product can be unsecured or secured, depending on the funder’s offer and the customer’s need.

Loans with installments usually cover a relatively short period of time – from several months to several years. Some funders may have different limits in accordance with state regulations. Other funders set some limits to address the particular candidacy.

If you want $1,000 for whatever needs, you can get an installment loan with an interest rate of 4.5%. Within two years, you will have to pay $45 each month. If you manage to make repayments earlier, you are good. Once the repayment scheme is covered, your debt record gets automatically closed.

If you consider taking this type of borrowing, you should be ready for all nuances. Take a look at pros and cons down there.


  • Flexible repayment period;
  • Ability to enhance your credit score;
  • Fixed repayments;
  • Simple application period;
  • No discrimination behind.


  • High interest rates;
  • Hidden repayment consequences.

Direct lenders with online installment loans and instant approval can help you a lot despite all the positive and negative aspects. If your reputation is extremely low, you may find it hard to get approval. But hard doesn’t mean impossible. Even in the worst-case scenario, you shouldn’t hesitate to send your loan request.

Major Characteristics of Installment Loans

Whether you get installment loans near me or online, you will face the same set of characteristics. All of them make this type of borrowing attractive to potential applicants.

  • Simple application routine – Modern funders operate with the latest technologies which make an application process super smooth. By completing an online form, you will place your request within a few minutes.
  • Credit requirements – On the funder’s website, you will have flexible policies to stick to. You don’t require perfect credit and focus on alternative aspects such as an employment status and a monthly income in the approval process. Borrowers with a messy credit background can be approved.
  • Policies - Installment loans come as part of the agreement between a funder and a borrower. It involves the loan size, repayment plan, additional charges, delay penalties, and some other aspects. It is highly recommended to read and understand the terms in detail. If you have any questions, you can always contact the funder directly.
  • Interest rates – Every time you borrow money you agree on paying interest rates. They may vary from one funder to another and from one loan to another. Their average value is estimated between 4.5% and 35.5%.
  • Quick funding – When it comes to installment loans for bad credit holders, you can get your cash quickly. It takes just a few minutes after approval to get a transaction processed to your bank account.

Types of Installment Loans

At, the variety of installment loans for bad credit and good credit holders is represented by several options. Here are they:

  • Personal funds - Personal installment loans online with no credit check address personal financial needs. Whether you have a medical bill to cover or a tuition fee to repay, you can deal with them easily. Depending on the requested amount of money, you should be ready for a high interest rate and services fee applied.
  • Auto funds - Auto funds make you close to the purchase of a driving vehicle. While the requested loan size is going to be higher than average, it can be quite convenient for repayments. The attached interest rate on auto loans is about to range from 3% to 15%, depending on the applicant’s credit rating, monthly income, and some other factors.
  • Mortages - To buy some property, you may need to take a mortgage installment loan. The required amount of money is usually higher than average personal funding. Due to the size of funding, the interest rate is about to get high or lower.

Credit Check for Installment Loans

If you consider taking out installment loans online, you will most likely have to go through a detailed credit check. It usually depends on the selected funding company as it needs to estimate potential risks in advance. The attention to your credit background also depends on the type of loan you apply for. Unsecured funds are issued under stricter policies. Secured funds are issued with ease, especially if the collateral is provided. For example, a small amount of money borrowed for a short period of time may take you through a “soft” credit examination. A bigger amount of money borrowed for a long period of time will need you to go through a thorough credit examination. In these cases, you will be offered different terms.

If your financial background is not that flawless, you might face some difficulties. You will need to demonstrate your ability to cover a debt on time. Let’s say, if you are employed or you have a solid bank deposit, you automatically become a more attractive candidate for funders.

Generally, installment loans seem to be a perfect option for people with negative credit records since they can split fixed payments over several months. This will make it easier for them to deal with their debt without affecting the current expenses.

Alternatives of Installment Loans

Alternatives to installment loans from direct lenders are available. These options vary in terms of their usefulness. They also can come with different risks and rewards. So, it’s worth considering all of them ahead with your applications.

Payday Funding

It gives you funds for any unexpected expenses or bills until your next payday. When the payday comes, you can cover it at once. It is easy to get but not so flexible to cover. Also, it is known for getting people locked in a debt circle.

Title Funding

Secured online installment loans with instant approval give up your own vehicle to a funder as back-up. It is really quick to get approval for and that’s part of why they’re so popular. Funders don’t usually look at your credit rating due to limited risks. Just like payday funding, it comes with high interest rates that can really add up in just several weeks or months.

Peer to Peer Funding

People are borrowing money from each other. No credit check for installment loans offers quite low interests and low extra fees. This type of funding operates on a smart mechanism in which borrowers and lenders are matched together. You usually need to have a good credit score to pass the qualification.

Credit Union Funding

Member-owned financial organizations function on a not-for-profit basis. Their primary mission is to help people at reasonable rates. Thanks to quite low interest rates, no hidden charges, and reasonable limitations, they are flexible in their operations. Under more affordable conditions, they are often requested by people with a good rating. If your financial background is poor, you have lame chances of getting this kind of borrowing.

Factors to Consider for Installment Loan Qualification

If you have a good or bad reputation among funders but need money here and now, HartLoan can save your day. The best installment funds can help you receive funds with ease. While paying off the debt, you will go through a simple and clear procedure.

Before you contact Hart Loan for loan installment help, you should check eligibility factors first. Here are some of them:

  • The age of 18 years old (21 in some cases);
  • An active bank account;
  • An employment status;
  • A stable source of income;
  • A valid ID with photo.

If the requirements are in order, the funder will process your application and get back to you with a final decision. If your candidacy looks reasonable to the funder, the installment loans online for bad credit holders will be available in your bank account on the next business day.


Can I get an installment loan if my credit rating is bad?

Yes, you can. But you should be ready for a detailed examination of your credit past. This way, the funder will estimate your potential to pay off the debt on time.

What is the best credit score to get an installment loan with ease?

The best installment loans come with massive funding, low APRs, no origination charges, and extensive payoff periods. Even though most funders require a credit score to be above 660, there are lots of options for those with lower scores.

How do you get your installment loan application confirmed?

Before you send your request to a private funder, you need to consider all details. Make sure that you qualify for a personal installment loan offer. And don’t forget that none of the funders give 100% guarantees.

Where can I get an installment loan online?

You can refer to private funding companies that offer this type of loan. You will easily choose the one with the most reasonable policies. Other financial institutions also can help you with it, but their terms and conditions will be less favorable.

Does an installment loan have a negative impact on your credit rating?

The very fact of taking bad credit installment loans has no negative impact on your credit reputation. But your inability to pay everything off in a timely manner does.