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What is a payday loan? offers customers short-term loans called payday loans which name supposes that you will give money back after getting the next paycheck. They also have the names “payday advance” or “instant payday loans”. The aim of such loans is to provide a borrower with fast money for the emergency he faced. As for the interest rate and the amount of such loan, they may vary from state to state according to the laws.

How much can I borrow?

Each state regulates the amount of payday loans. This means that the amount of money you can apply for may be different depending on the state where you are. If you would like to borrow money for the first time, then the sum of your loan will also depend on the provided information. Usually new customers are not qualified for the maximum amount of payday loan.

What should you know about interest rates? as well as other companies - mediators offer payday loans which should be repaid with the definite interest rate. The amount of interest rate depends on the state laws. You should also know that payday loans are under a ban in some states.

When will you get your payday loan?

As payday loan’s aim is to provide financial help for unplanned situations requiring urgent reaction, the system of getting money has been simplified in order you can get the necessary amount as fast as possible. In case of sending an online application with the correct information which meets all requirements, you will get a positive answer in 15 minutes. You will be able to receive money within 24 hours.

When are you required to pay your loan back?

Being a short-term loan, payday advance should be repaid within two weeks. One of the most important requirements of being qualified for the payday loan is to work or to have some other steady source of income. Usually the borrowed money should be repaid on the date of your next salary. However, there are some exceptions when the lender and the borrower may agree on some other term. In case, you can’t repay money on the due date, you may be offered such options as:

Is it possible to repay the loan before the due date?

As a rule, you have such right, but in any case, it is recommended to contact your direct lender and say about your intentions.

What to do if there is no possibility to pay money back?

If you have faced some difficulty with not being able to repay money back on the due date, there are two variants you can use:

  1. To log into your account and to use the extension of the loan (in case your state allows such options).
  2. To contact your lender to get new arrangement of your repayments (if your state doesn’t allow to use such practice).

Note: Remember that roll-overs and extension will require paying some fee in addition to the amount of your loan.

Can have the 100% guarantee that my personal information is safe?

We provide our customers with the best system of data safety using a special encoding. Your confidentiality is our priority!

Where to get the detailed consultation concerning a payday loan?

The representatives of are ready to provide you with the detailed information providing you 24\7 customer support.