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Using our service you can be sure that you will be credited by the direct lender only. Any intermediaries are not allowed.

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Payday Loans Online from Direct Lenders

Why should you choose the right payday loans direct lender?

You shouldn’t take risks if you are not sure that there is the payday loans direct lender. In other case you may obtain even more than you anticipated, if to be more precise, you can find unnecessary emails, third-class mail in your mailbox or get unwanted calls from telemarketers who will be advertising a lot of various payday loan lenders. If you have decided to apply for online payday loans or, as it also called, cash advance or payday advance, first of all you should check whether it is a direct payday lender.

What is the advantage of using the direct lenders of payday loans?

You don’t have to worry about your personal data because it won’t be sent to the third parties. You can rely on us - if you want to receive your money fast by using our online application form.

In comparison with other payday lenders, we can ensure you the security of your personal information which won’t be sold to other online payday lenders or payday advance mediators because there is a risk that they may use it not in an appropriate way.

What is our principle of work with the clients?

We always follow the rule to lend money directly to the person who is our consumer.

We perform this with the help of our finance company or using our network of direct payday lenders whom we can trust because they have already fulfilled a pledge to follow our policies. You have the possibility to have the amount of payday loan that you need without worrying who has access to your personal data and what can be done with it.

Why should you express your concern whether the company that you have chosen a payday loans direct lender?

A lot of online payday loans lenders present themselves as being your direct payday lenders though there is a common situation when their sites’ aim is to have information about people who are interested in instant payday loans. After they have gathered your personal information, they try to earn money on it by selling it to payday loan companies. Another variant of using your personal data is to pass it to marketing firms who have specially designed databases and may use your information to suggest you some other services or just put your name in the mailing lists with the intention to offer you something in future. We respect your right for privacy and take care about the safety of all of your personal information. The security of our clients is above all for us. We will never offer the information that our customers have trusted us with to other companies.

Our Requirements as Your Online Payday Loans Direct Lenders

Please, have a look at the list of requirements that are necessary to follow if you want to apply for our online payday loans:

  • To be qualified for obtaining our loan there is a requirement for the client to be not younger than 18 years old.
  • Our customer must provide us with some document that can prove his\her employment with a regular income as an assurance for us that the client will be able to repay the sum of a loan he\she is going to obtain. By the way, it is why these loans got their name “payday loans”.
  • We require our client to give his\her checking account information for us to be able to deposit it into the mentioned account after having applied for a loan.
  • All our clients must be residents of our country that follows the rules for payday loans we are going to provide you with.

You will be glad to discover that these are our only requirements. We have made our application and approval process very convenient and simple for you. offer our clients very fast online approval. You can make sure for yourself:

  1. You will spend from 5 to 15 minutes to fill out your application.
  2. You will get our decision instantly.
  3. You are not required to show your good credit score.

Are you ready for your payday loans from direct lender?

Don’t hesitate to contact our company if you have faced some financial problems.

We will suggest you solutions which will suit you most.

If you have decided that a payday loan or advance is a right problem solving for you then you should apply for payday loans online from direct lenders only because we can offer you the 100% assurance of your personal information’s security. When you are going to choose us you should know that we have the following benefits:

  1. We don’t hide any charges or fees when you get your loan through our online system of applying.
  2. You can be sure that your transactions are confidential.
  3. Our priority is safeguarding your personal information and making our client satisfied with the provided services.

Never try to find "no credit check" loans

If you made the request "no credit check" and found some lender, who offers you this, you should know that this is far from real. Lenders must check credit history, only option can be is bureaus where they check it - three majour bureaus or some other. Of course, in a smaller ones you can have better credit score. This is what means under "no credit check".

Same situation is with instant approval. Instant approval can't be promised because in any case some time is needed to make a decision. In regular cases it takes up to 1 business day to make a decision about your cash advance.

Should you prefer the new payday lenders to the well-known existing direct payday lenders?

You can face this question when choosing your payday loans direct lender but we are going to help you to make the right choice. New payday lenders are popular with the customers because they like to know which new lenders have appeared on the market and what they can offer them. Some new payday lenders may draw your attention offering you very competitive rates of annual percentage rate and instalment loans which you can pay back within 3, 6 or 12 months’ period. First of all you should compare what daily interest charge or cost per $100 they have. In fact the typical rate in the sphere of payday loan industry is 1% interest a day. Then you will have a cost of $130 for every $100 borrowed over than for 30 days. We are payday loans direct lender who can offer you very competitive rates that are lower than the figures mentioned above.

We can offer you responsible lending

Our company has been always following responsible lending criteria. That’s why we can assure you that all our clients are provided with an honest financial service. Being responsible lenders we carry out affordability checks to be able to take a decision if the client who wants to get a loan will be able to repay it then.

If you want to see all the costs and repayments of your loans, you can go to our website where we show you all the transactions very clearly.